UWG team tours through Benelux countries
The members of our Organizing Committee are always very active during the fall as they are visiting both former as well as well as potential new participants. Tirelessly our team is touring through the world, serving as ambassadors for the Games. ...
UWG 2018 Roadshow in full swing
The UWG 2017 are history and our attention has turned to the UWG 2018! Some very exciting news will be dropped soon, but for now we'd like to let you know that the preparations for the next United World Games are in full swing and that our ...
THANK YOU! - A look back on the UWG 2017
„Those that have been lucky enough to participate in a tournament like this, will understand what an amazing experience we've had. I'm talking about the atmosphere at the UWG! We felt as if we were in a different world, a world of friends and ...
Host City Klagenfurt/Ktn.
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