UWG Roadshow tours the world

Wednesday, 1. March 2017

While new teams sign up for the UWG 2017 every day, our team is continuously on the road to visit clubs, schools and federations around the globe to invite them to the Games. :-)

Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain - the Roadshow never stops!

Travelling to different countries, carrying the notion of international friendship out into the world, meeting sports lovers and talking to them about the United World Games - life as a member of the UWG Roadshow Crew ain't so bad! ;-)
We want the UWG Family to keep growing each and every year and to be able to welcome more and more young athletes in Carinthia at our festival of sports and exchange. In order to achieve this, our crew has been touring both Germany and the Netherlands, as well as Belgium, Spain and Austria lately to invite teams to Klagenfurt.

Growing participant numbers and further Roadshows

Interest is high, the number of registered participants is already way bigger than at the same time last year and the wave of registrations has already begun. No reason for us to stop here, the Roadshowing continues: March will see trips to the UK, where we will have an information booth at the big Rosslyn Parks 7s Schools Rugby tournament in addition to extensive travels, as well as visits to sports events such as the Austrian Indoor Youth Swimming Championships and the Floorball Stena Line final4 in Dessau, Germany.

With that the final phase of the registration window has started (registration is open until the 1st of May) and we are looking forward to an exciting finish, which hopefully brings us many new members of the #uwgfamily! :-)

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