UWG Fanzone: Basketball is coming to town

Friday, 26. May 2017

A new highlight will be added to the UWG this year - we are celebrating the premiere of the UWG Fanzone in the city center of Klagenfurt. There not only a fabulous entertainment program and various activities will be waiting for you, but also tournament games on a Basketballcourt which will be set up especially for the occasion! :-)

Another milestone in the history of the Games

For the first time in the 13-year-long history of the United World Games we will have our very own UWG Fanmile in downtown Klagenfurt. The main attraction of the Fanzone will be the Basketballcourt, on which tournament games will take place as well as competitions and an exciting and entertaining side program.

Sports, Entertainment, Food & a unique atmosphere

To be able to play in front of numerous fans and spectators at the so called Neuer Platz ("New Square") in Klagenfurt will surely be a very special experience for every athlete. In addition, the new UWG Fanarea will give locals the chance to be even closer to the Games and dive into the world of UWG. A sensational atmosphere in this new UWG center is guaranteed, besides a number of activities and other highlights, all your culinary needs will be catered to as well - wraps, hot dogs, fries and many more delicious foods waiting for you.


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