THANK YOU! - A look back on the UWG 2017

Thursday, 6. July 2017

„Those that have been lucky enough to participate in a tournament like this, will understand what an amazing experience we've had. I'm talking about the atmosphere at the UWG! We felt as if we were in a different world, a world of friends and happy people. We'll never forget it! And I'm glad that me and my boys were able to be a part of it!"

These moving words come from a very special participant report about our Games. It was written by Patrick Wanner, the Coach of the U17 Boys of UHC Wehntal Regensdorf from Switzerland, who competed in our Floorball tournament, as he describes their UWG 2017 experience.

To receive feedback such as this means the world to us as Organizing Committee, which is why we wanted to share it with you – in the hope that your experience was similar. :-)

A big THANK YOU to you all!

More than a week has now passed since the United World Games 2017 and while we are still working on wrapping up the event, we've already had the chance to review and reflect on this year's Games.

That is why we wanted to let you know that we are overwhelmed with your feedback and with how big a success the UWG 2017 were.
We'd like to thank you all a million timest hat you have been a part of our festival of sports and exchange!
Many of you have come a very long way to Klagenfurt and had to go to great lengths to make your participation possible and it is you and your openmindedness, your passion and your love for sports that turn our UWG into what they really are: a global movement for youth, sports and friendship.

We can't stress it enough: THANK YOU, you are amazing!

New Participant Record, New Nations, New Fanzone

The UWG 2017 have broken all of our records, for the first time we had no less than 9.000 participants from 35 nations (Chile, Morocco and Denmark all joining the Games for the very first time).
The introduction of the UWG Fanzone at the „Neuer Platz" („New Square") in the city center of Klagenfurt was a major hit. The fan mile was loved by locals and athletes alike and the atmosphere in downtown Klagenfurt was just like inside our Playerstown at the stadium: Olympic flair, smiling faces, sports, fun and games, and above all friends everywhere.

International sports stars were part of the Games

Even some international sports superstars joined us at the United World Games 2017, like Austrian soccer nationalteam player Martin Hinteregger and Jamaican Athletics legend and 6 times world champion as well as 9 times Olympic medalist Merlene Ottey.

We want to hear your feedback and your stories

We would also like to ask you to send us your feedback and share your experience with us, like UHC Wehntal Regensdorf did.
The UWG 2017 have seen a lot of beautiful moments and stories, which represent the spirit of our Games 100%: the Greek handball team taking care of their injured Brazilian opposition player (you can watch the video right here) or the Czech soccer girls, who handed the trophy over to their opponents after the final could not take place due to the bad weather conditions. We'd also like to mention the Mongolian-American-Austrian basketball team, which reflects the philosophy of the United World Games like hardly any other team.
Tell us your stories as well! :-)

Results are online, pictures to follow soon

The results of all our competitions can now be found on our homepage. Right now we are also in the process of collecting and sorting the vast amount of pictures and videos of the event and once we are done we will make a collection available to you on our facebook page ( – thank you for your patience!

You all have contributed to the UWG 2017 and made sure it was an unforgettable experience for everybody, together we have set an example for international friendship and the power of sports to connect and unite us all, and for this we want to thank you once again!

You have made our official motto become reality: One world – a thousand friends! :-)

We sincerely hope that we'll see many of you again next year at the 14th edition of the United World Games, you can already save the date: 21st to 24th of June 2018 ;-)

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