The Bowling tournament features 3 competitions: A Team Competition (5 players), a Doubles Competition and a Singles Competition. Both in the Team and in the Singles Competition the Handicap of the respective players is taken into account.

Since the Bowling hall has 20 lanes, the maximum number of athletes is limited to 90 – registration takes place on a "First Come, First Serve" basis. Accordingly, 18 Teams consisting of 5 players may participate in the tournament. (2 lanes shall be kept open as reserve to ensure a smooth tournament in case of technical difficulties.)

General Classification:

Mixed (Boys and Girls)

Age category - Cut-Off Date
U14 - Born 01.01.2003 and younger
U18 - Born 01.01.1999 and younger

Single players will be classified according to their age and regardless of gender.

All the details regarding tournament mode and regulations can be found here.

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