Welcome to the registration section. In the form below you can register your team for the UNITED WORLD GAMES 2020. For every team you need to fill out a separate registration! Please take a minute and read carefully through the registration modalities at the bottom of this page.

To sign up fo our 1-Day-Soccer-Tournament please fill out this registration form and send it to

Experienced referees who want to participate on UWG can find more information here!


Registration form UNITED WORLD GAMES

KLAGENFURT, June 25-28, 2020

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Registration for the different Swimming Competitions
All entries for the United World Games shall be made electronically.
You can download a Lenex - File, DSV File or register online under the following Link.

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Registration deadline:
Deadline for registration to the UWG is April 15th, 2020

Registration and payments

Once the registration has been sent to us we will get back to the teams with a confirmation and once all details (participation, accommodation, etc.) have been set an invoice will be sent to the teams.
We do not publish prices on our website. Please contact for further information.

After the confirmed registration the payment of the total participation costs must be completed.

At the time of registration the following cancellation policy applies

Until April 30th to arrival cancellation of the whole team free of charge – after that 100% cancellation fee!

Until May 28th the cancellation of up to 3 participants per team is free of charge.

From May 28th 100 % cancellation fees will be charged – this also counts for cancellation due to injuries or sickness

Please include the name of your team/club/athlete in every transfer you make.


The participants are not insured! Thus, it is the responsibility of the chaperon/coach of the team/athlete to make sure all participants are insured during their entire stay at the UWG.

The organizer does not take any kind of responsibility for illnesses, stolen or lost properties and possible injuries. The organizer will arrange a transfer to a hospital. In case the injured is not insured or his or her home country does not obtain a valid agreement with Austria concerning medical care, the participant must cover all medical expenses.

Every participant declares his/her physical ability to take part in the sports competitions and that there are no medical concerns that might object against a participation.

With team registration through
submission of the registration form, each association pledges that it has verified to the best of its ability that all coaches involved in team participation in the UNITED WORLD GAMES have been checked in regards to their suitability and integrity in dealing with minors.

With the registration the participants confirm that they have read and accept the terms and conditions.


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