UWG 2018 Roadshow in full swing

Monday, 6. November 2017

The UWG 2017 are history and our attention has turned to the UWG 2018! Some very exciting news will be dropped soon, but for now we'd like to let you know that the preparations for the next United World Games are in full swing and that our Organizing Committee is already busy touring through the world and spreading the word on the Games. :-)

Roadshows in numerous countries

After the UWG 2017 equals before the UWG 2018 for us and so our team is already out and about in full force, inviting teams to the United World Games and visiting interested coaches, parents and athletes all around the globe. We are presenting our Games, answering questions and carrying our motto out into world: "One world - a thousand friends!"
After successful roadshows in Germany, Spain and Italy, next up are trips to the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. We are trying to continuously develop and improve the Games and for 2018 we are aiming for the 14th participant record in our 14th year of existence with 10.000 participants. Therefore it's important to us to actively promote the UWG and reach out to clubs as well as school, federations, academies and so on, to personally invite teams to Klagenfurt and make sure the UWG Family keeps on growing.

Focus on the USA and China

This fall we are placing special focus on the United States and China. In both nations, the interest in the United World Games has been getting bigger and bigger over the last years, which is why we wanted to make a special effort in bringing teams from these regions to Austria. For instance, we thus visited one of the largest soccer tournaments of the North American east coast in October - the Jack Walsh Memorial Tournament - and ran info booths there, reaching out to no less than 380 teams. We realized right away that US temas are highly interested and motivated to travel to Austria and compete against European teams.
In addition, our goal for 2018 is to be able to welcome the very first Chinese delegation at the Games. When we visited China for the first time a year ago, we talked to a big number of organizations, schools and clubs, many of which are very much inclined to take part in the UWG 2018. For this reason we will go on another extensive China-tour.

We are already looking forward to the UWG 2018 and expect not only more participants but also more nations than this year! :-)

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