In remembrance of Achill Rumpold

Thursday, 1. March 2018

In rememberance of our chairman, pioneer and dear friend Achill Rumpold (1974 – 2018)

With indescribable sadness we must bid farewell to our chairman, pioneer and dear friend Achill Rumpold, who passed away on Tuesday, the 27th of February 2018, at the age of 43 after a serious illness.

His passing leaves a deep hole within our hearts, one which cannot be filled. Our thoughts are with his familiy during this difficult time, especially with his wife and his two children.

Achill's passion, his drive and energy, his warmth and cordiality as well as his optimism – especially in the face of his severe illness and its accompanying pains and hardships – were a true inspiration for us all. Achill's door was always open to everyone, one could always come to him with problems or concerns and count on his kind, sensitive and thoughtful help.
Not only in a professional sense, but also from a human perspective, we all could learn incredibly much from him and have viewed him as an example that we both admired and tried to emulate.

Within the UWG team, Achill was not only a far-sighted visionary, he always lead the way by example and with determination, and in doing so inspired us all to try our hardest and make the most of ourselves.

He embodied and represented the UWG spirit like no other and at all times put unity before division. He carried the notion of unity and cooperation, which is at the core of the UNITED World Games, both in his heart and out into the world.
Tirelessly, Achill gave his all for the Games, constantly looking for new paths, possibilities and improvements. It is because of him that new markets were opened and that new nations were welcomed in Carinthia continuously.
Without Achill, the United World Games would not be what they are today, they would not be the unique festival of youth sports and cultural exchange in the heart of Carinthia they have become.

Thus, we'd like to express our immeasurable gratitude to Achill and thank him for his unmatchable and exemplary commitment. We promise to continue in his footsteps and carry on his legacy and his fire.

Thank you for everything Achill, you were an extraordinary man and you will be sorely missed. Your incredible spirit will live on forever and with pride we will carry it on within ourselves.

Your UWG team

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