A look back on the UWG 2018 - THANK YOU!

Monday, 16. July 2018

„It's been 15 days since the end of the tournament, but we are still talking about the magic of the competition. United World Games is the most fantastic experience we have ever lived: players, coaches and fans. We are already thinking about going back next year and make our players and parents dream all year long."

These moving words come from Alfonso Martinez Magan, the head coach of „Club Tenis Pabellon Santa Cruz Tenerife", which competed in our Tennis tournament this year.
Numerous other teams have also sent us overwhelming Feedback regarding the United World Games 2018!

We, the Organizing Committee of the UWG, put our heart into this event and receiving such positive messages means the world to us. We want to say THANK YOU to all of you for making the event as special as it was this year.
It's been two weeks since the United World Games 2018 and while we are still working on wrapping up the event, we've already had the chance to review and reflect on this year's Games. We'd like to thank you all for being part of this truly special festival of sport, friendship and intercultural exchange.

Many of you have come a very long way to Klagenfurt and had to go to great lengths to make your participation possible and it is you and your openmindedness, your passion and your love for sports that turn our UWG into what they really are: a global movement for youth, sports and friendship. The UWG 2018 have once again broken all records. For the first time we have reached a long aspired goal, 10.000 participants!
With Ice hockey and Icestocksport two new sports have successfully been introduced to the UWG. Furthermore we are happy to have welcomed over 250 Chinese participants for the first time here in Klagenfurt.

As we are very keen on improving the quality of our event, we would also like to ask you to send us your feedback and share your experiences with us.
The UWG 2018 have seen a lot of beautiful moments and stories. Gifts between teams have been exchanged, numerous pictures with opponents have been taken and lots of new friends have been made.
Tell us your stories as well! :-)

The results of all our competitions can be found on our website and right now we are in the process of collecting and sorting the vast amount of pictures and videos of the event and once we are done we will make a collection available to you on our website – thank you for your patience!
You can already re-watch all livestreamed games on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0MFOgikvJliaNGEi78i8iQ

Once again you have made our official motto become a reality: One world – a thousand friends! :-)

We sincerely hope that we'll see all of you again next year at the 15th anniversary edition of the United World Games, you can already save the date: 20th to 23rd of June 2019

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