UWG team tours through Benelux countries

Thursday, 16. November 2017

The members of our Organizing Committee are always very active during the fall as they are visiting both former as well as well as potential new participants. Tirelessly our team is touring through the world, serving as ambassadors for the Games. Just last week we went to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The United World Games are more than just a youth sports event, they are a movement, a community, a family. The heart of the Games will always be our participants, which is why our worldwide roadshow not only visits interested new teams, but always participants from past years as well. It is very important to us to stay in touch with our participants and maintain personal relationships with them, as well as to receive feedback and suggestions in order to try and improve the UWG with every year.

Last week we toured through the Benelux countries to promote the Games and make sure that the UWG Community keeps growing. Paying visits to teams, that have never been to Klagenfurt, was as much part of our schedule as meetinng up with former participants. On one picture you can for example see representatives of SC Hoevelaken, a Dutch Soccer club, which we'll hopefully get to welcome at the United World Games for the very first time in 2018. On the other picture, you can see the U10 girls of BBC Amicale Steesel from Luxembourg, who have been a part of this year's Games.
We were very happy that we could not only watch a game of the girls, but also present them with 2 new UWG basketballs. Of course we are delighted that BBC Amicale Steesel wants to join the Games again in 2018 and that the township of Steesel will also support them in making the trip happen - like they did this year! :-)

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