Klagenfurt is ready for the UWG 2018

Friday, 8. June 2018

It's less than two weeks until the start of the United World Games 2018 - Klagenfurt is eagerly awaiting the event, as yesterday's press conference inside the VIP area of the stadium shows.

Carinthia is buzzing with anticipation and excitement as the UWG 2018 draw near - while the preparations for the event are in full swing since weeks, a big press conference was held at the Klagenfurt stadium, the heart of the Games, yesterday. Interest in the Games and form both media and politics was never higher, as the calibre of participants illustrates: both Carinthia's governor Dr. Peter Kaiser as well as the director of Carinthia Tourism, Christian Kresse, were present. The city of Klagenfurt and the province of Carinthia are ready for the United World Games - everyone is excited to welcome the young athletes soon.

We can't wait for the Games to start and we hope you're already as excited as we are! :-)

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