Dear UWG family, we are glad to announce new sports for the UWG 2019! Please welcome Archery as an official UWG sport.


Boys/Girls - Recurve, Compound & Barebow each with 2x36 arrows
Age Groups
Deadline Divisions
U 20 (Juniors) 01.01.1998 and younger R (70m), C (50m), B (40m)
U 17 (Cadets) 01.01.2001 and younger R (60m), C (50m), B (40m)
U 14 (Children 2) 01.01.2004 and younger R (40m), C (40m), B (30m)
U 12 (Children 1) 01.01.2007 and younger R (30m), C (30m), B (30m)


Detailed Information about the specific rules and regulations will follow shortly.

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