Boys and girls

Age Groups Deadline Duration of games/Final Players/Team
U 18 01.01.2000 and younger 2 x 7/2 x 10 7
U 16 01.01.2002 and younger 2 x 7/2 x 10 7
U 14 01.01.2004 and younger 2 x 7/ 2 x 10 7
U 12 01.01.2006 and younger 2 x 5/2 x 7 7
U 10 01.01.2008 and younger 2 x 5/2 x 7 5


Number of matches/Tournament mode

  • Round robin / group phase
  • Play Off
  • Final games 
  • 4-6 matches, depending on your success in the Play Offs

Tournament Meeting

On Thursday (21st of June) a Rugby manager meeting will be held at 8:00 PM.
If possible, all coaches and referees should be present. At this meeting the tournament
board will discuss organizational matters, tournament schedules and regulations, and all participants have the opportunity to raise issues, make suggestions and ask questions.
Location/Meeting point: Players Town, at the Coffee/Lounge Area (Medal Plaza)

Rugby Clinics with South African Coaches

As a special treat, workshops and training sessions with top coaches from South Africa will take place in between and during games. The coaches will offer advice and know-how to both athletes and coaches during the tournament, so you can improve your skills.

Click here for the regulations and exceptional rules of our Rugby tournament. 

Contact: Renee Carmine-Jones


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