The international tennis tournament will be played as a team competition. A team consists of a minimum of 4 players. 2 additional players can be registered as substitutes. At least one girl has to be registered per team.

Age Groups

U 18 - Born 01.01.2002 and younger
U 16 - Born 01.01.2004 and younger
U 14 - Born 01.01.2006 and younger 
U 12 - Born 01.01.2008 and younger

Tournament Mode

  • The tournament will be played in groups (Round Robin)
  • An encounter consists of:
    • 4 singles
    • 1 double
  • Mode of Play:
    • Each match consists of 2 short sets (first player to win 4 Games)
    • A Champions Tiebreak will be played in case of a 1:1 in sets
  • Points Sytem:
    • Win - 1 point
    • Loss - 0 points

For every player an ITN Rating Number has to be provided, so that the Organizing Committee can assess the level of all players and divide teams into an elite tournament and a regular tournament if necessary.

More information and detailed descriptions of the ITN rating system can be viewed here: 

Please also rank all your players from position 1 to 4, with the strongest player on position 1 and let us know your internal ranking.

Click here for detailed regulations.

Disclaimer: The Tournament Mode is still subject to change and may be adapted to fit the number of participants. Requests and feedback of the respective coaches shall be considered as well.

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