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The centre of the United World Games is the so called Wörthersee stadium, a state-of-the-art sports arena that was built for the European Soccer Championships 2008, that took place in Austria and Switzerland. The stadium has a capacity of 30.000 and together with the surrounding training fields(artificial turf as well as natural grass), the built-in sports hall, which is one of the biggest in all of Austria, and the classy VIP rooms, it forms the "Sportpark Klagenfurt", the heart of the Games.

Along with the EURO 2008 Arena as a centre, a number of other sports venues in Klagenfurt and surroundings are used for our various tournaments as well.

NEW: Open Air Basketball Arena in the City Centre of Klagenfurt

In 2017 we have a truly special highlight for you! In cooperation with the local government we transform the Main Square (Neuer Platz) of Klagenfurt into a huge UWG Fanzone. On Friday and Saturday not only our offical basketball tournament will take place there, you can also expect spectacular showacts and various side activities. Visit us and experience intense basketball-action in the heart of Klagenfurt!

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